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Picture of Brick Press


Weight:  8200 lbs

Width:  82"

Height:  7' 6"

Length:  16'


4 cylinder diesel Cummins or John Deere engine




Vickers vane pump and electric solenoid-operated valves

Press Force

248000 psi on 160 square inch block surface.
Line pressure 2200 psi

Press Mold Sizes

10" x 4" x 16"
4" x 4" x 10" 
4.5" x 4" x 9" 
7" x 4" x 10" 

(other sizes available)

Production Rates

10" x 4" x 16" - 4 - 6/minute
4" x 4" x 10" - 15 - 18/minute
4.5" x 4" x 9" - 15 - 18/minute
7" x 4" x 10" - 9 - 12/minute


Portable mounting on 2-axle trailer
Replaceable steel wear plates on surfaces subject to abrasion.


$98,000 *
$59,000 down

* includes 2 block mold sizes and one week on-site training (expenses not included)

      The present design of the Brickpress has evolved from my years of practical experience as a contractor doing on-site block production as well as construction of adobe walls. The durable design of this machine combined with low-cost maintainability allows for the profitable manufacturing of blocks and the confidence to undertake any job. In addition I have designed alternate block molds in the sizes found to be the most useful in wall construction and built to be easily interchangeable. The prototype of this machine has produced nearly 500,000 blocks with only routine maintenance and is still being used today on job sites in southern Arizona.

The circuitry is non-computerized due to the dusty environment inherent in block making and consists of easily accessed relays and limit switches. The machine is a top press, with the ram applying pressure to the 10"x16" surface of the block, making the length and width of the block constant with a slight variation in the height. The prototype is available for demonstration, and  I am also available for block making on your site anywhere in the Southwestern United States.

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