EarthUprising Adobe Block and Machine Co.

Weight:2,900 lbs
Power:24 hp Kubota water-cooled diesel
Hydraulics:Precision welded cylinder and variable displacement pump
Press Force:Up to 1,400 psi on block surface

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Adobe Block Machine - The BlockMaster Series

The BlockMaster series machines produce blocks with or without two holes of block specific diameter, allowing for incorporating vertical reinforcing into the wall structure. This allows construction of walls that are still 90% solid while reducing the wall thickness required to meet structural requirements in earthquake or hurricane prone areas. In tropical zones, where there is little fluctuation between daytime and nighttime temperatures, there is limited value to utilizing thermal mass, therefore a thinner wall, still solid, incorporating vertical reinforcing, improves structural ability while minimizing material consumption.

The smallest model BlockMaster machines produce blocks measuring 6 “x 4 “x 12” with two – 2” diameter holes for vertical reinforcing, at a beginning production rate of 3 blocks per minute. The largest model produces blocks measuring 8” x 4” x 16” with two – 3” holes for vertical reinforcing at up to 7 blocks per minute. The block thickness is variable with a simple adjustment to produce blocks between 2" and 4" thick. The press plates are interchangeable so that the machine can produce solid blocks as well as the blocks with holes. About 1 1/2 hours labor is required to switch press plates. The smaller machines use Honda or Kohler gasoline engines and the larger models use water cooled, Kubota diesels. For more information about our Adobe Block Machine Please Contact us Now!