EarthUprising Adobe Block and Machine Co.

Weight:2,900 lbs
Power:24 hp Kubota water-cooled diesel
Hydraulics:Precision welded cylinder and variable displacement pump
Press Force:Up to 1,400 psi on block surface

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Since Earthuprising began building machines in 1995 the driving force has been to build machines that meet the construction needs in the desert Southwest while reducing environmental impact and creating energy efficient and comfortable homes. No housing form gives a greater feeling of comfort and security than solid earth construction, while at the same time utilizing local resources that preserve the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and put local people and industries to work.

Our Mission

Our philosophy of machine design, built on our years of block making experience, is to construct the machine with parts and materials replaceable locally in most parts of the world allowing for the work to be done in the field by people with limited technical resources.
The machines are built to be infinitely maintainable, with all parts subject to wear, built as modular components. Maintenance will remain an insignificant cost at less than 2 cents per block. For more information about our Adobe Block Machine Please Contact us Now!